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Recuva –  Is a file de-cluttering utility for Windows operating systems, developed by Piriform Software. It can undelete deleted files; the operating system places the files into free, unoccupied space on the hard drive, so that they are marked as available space. If you need to recover some of these deleted files, you should run Recuva.

Download Recuva

Download Recuva

What You Have to Get From Recuva

There are two ways to run Recuva – the slow way and the fast way. The slow method involves the computer being left open in its default state, with all the programs set to its regular settings. It can take up to ten minutes for recuva to scan and complete the deep scan. This can result in an increased number of lost or non-deleted files, but the resulting list is a good representation of what Recuva has located.

The fast Recuva method is much faster than this slow scan. It does not require the computer to be left open and does not use the computer’s registry. When Recuva begins the scan, it identifies any matching deleted files within the recycle bin, temporary Internet files, and other storage devices.

It then enters those areas and begins its work. By locating and fixing the most severe errors in these locations, Recuva can significantly increase the amount of recovered files.

The basic interface of Recuva consists of four main panes – an information area for selecting Recuva’s version and scan types, preferences pane to change the settings for scanning, a sub menu for fixing errors in the Recuva database and a console for displaying the results after the scan.

To activate Recuva, first click on the “Start” button on the task bar and then click “Run”. In the box that appears, enter “regedit” and then click “OK”. In the registry editor, you will see a registry key named “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft”, which is the root key for the Recuva database. You can view this key in Explorer by right-clicking on it and then clicking the “Get Info” icon.

The “scan” tab in Recuva allows you to customize the results of the advanced mode which lets you select the scanned items to be recovered. To scan the Recuva database in the Recuva panel, click the “scan” button and then follow the onscreen instructions. In this mode, Recuva will scan all the locations that are identified in the Recuva definition file. If a missing DLL or application library is detected, this will be selected for repair.

Recuva offers various options for scanning memory cards, USB drives and hard drives. If you need it for your company’s intranet software, the built-in network scanning makes Recuva suitable for all devices that might be connected to the network such as printers, faxes, modems, wireless modems and USB drives.

Recuva also offers a free network scanning tool that identifies unused connections. This feature makes Recuva useful not only for IT professionals but also for network administrators who need to know the status of their managed networks.