Internet Download Manager (IDM) 6.38-build-1

Internet Download Manager – is a software utility for downloading various files using the Internet. Internet Download Manager is a free shareware download manager operated by American business Tonec, Inc., which is located in New York City. It is available only for the Microsoft Windows operating systems. IDM is highly similar to the FTP (file transfer protocol) client. It works with any network connection and works well with Internet Explorer as well as Firefox and Chrome.

Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Internet Download Manager (IDM)

What You Have to Get From Internet Download Manager

The Internet Download Manager allows the user to browse the Internet, control access to installed programs, control access to security areas, and provides browsing alternatives in an organized menu structure. It also allows a single user to have multiple users and multiple selections of downloaded files.

All these features together allow a user to do almost everything that can be done on an FTP server, but from a more convenient point of view. Internet Download Manager offers the capability to download a wide array of files such as music, movies, e-books, images, video clips, software, and games, among others.

Since many of these files are normally protected by digitally signed authorization documents, the downloading client must have the appropriate authorization code from the Internet host to be able to gain access to these files. Therefore, I DL provides a secure, protected way for downloading protected files.

Internet Download Manager also provides an easy and convenient way to share and access Internet files with other users. This is achieved through a web browser. One can either create a Web page for sharing or provide access to a web page from a remote site. Internet Download Manager can also be used as a download accelerator. The download manager displays all recent and upcoming downloads and allows the user to select which files to download and save to a single location for later use.

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Apart from downloading Internet files, Internet Download Manager also provides facilities for uploading and sharing Internet multimedia (JPEG and GIF) files. Users may also upload any other type of media such as sound or video to be accessible on the Internet.

Through the Internet Download Manager, one can easily retrieve Internet files even if they have forgotten their URL or password. Internet Download Manager can also play downloaded media on Internet TV servers such as WebRTC.

Internet Download Manager is an easy to use interface that is available free of cost. It contains many features such as Automatic Listing, Mirror Download, Duplicate File Check, Missed Items Check, Time and date stamp, Session Restore, Add CD Music Checks, Uploading to Music Genres, Sending as CD, Sending as MP3, Sending as Zip File, and a lot more. Internet Download Manager also has a ‘My Account’ page where one can register or sign in using a secure cookie ID.

Internet Download Manager has a ‘Playlist’ page where one can listen to the music played in a specific downloaded play list. It also has an integrated ‘Send URL’ option which allows users to send downloaded files using email.