What You Need To Know About Steganos Password Manager

Steganos Password Manager –  is a software that is used to generate a strong password. It works by storing the usernames and passwords of the users in the database. The main reason for its creation is to ease the work of PC users, especially businesspersons and government employees who often use sensitive information on their work stations or other electronic devices. In fact, even PCs and laptops are vulnerable to identity theft and it is very important to secure the information of all users. The password manager helps by allowing you to easily create, store and manage passwords.

What You Need To Know About Steganos Password Manager

There are various advantages of using this password manager. One of the many advantages is to protect your system from being hacked. Most of the PC users make their system vulnerable to attacks through the downloading of the viruses and spyware. Using the Steganos Password Manager, you can solve that issue.

What You Have to Get From Steganos Password Manager

When you are in the middle of the activity of PC use, you cannot easily look for the right password to change. You also cannot remember them as these passwords can easily be stolen. The password manager helps you to easily and quickly change the passwords. Once you have used the password manager to generate or store the passwords, they can be safely stored so that you never have to remember them again. Apart from this feature, there are a number of other features of this password manager that makes it so popular with PC users.

When you use the Steganos Password Manager, you can easily find all the passwords of all the usernames and account numbers. You just have to search the entire password database or you can select to search by specific keywords. For instance, if you want to look for all the passwords of the Microsoft Accounts, you just type ‘msp password’ in the search box and hit the enter key. The list of the keywords or the search option will provide you with the entire list of passwords of the different accounts such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live, My Yahoo and so on. If you have plenty of usernames and passwords, then you can even store them into the password manager to generate different username/passwords at different times.

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Another great feature of this password manager is that you can view and manage your usernames and passwords offline as well. If you connect to your PC to access the database online, you may not be able to look up your username and password because the password manager connects to a secure internet server only. Therefore, the information is absolutely safe and is not shared with anyone else. Moreover, this option of viewing your passwords offline is also available when you are connected to the internet and you need to remember some usernames and passwords that are on your desktop.

A Steganos Password Manager also stores all your passwords and user names in a database. It keeps updating itself by searching for new usernames and passwords. The database also holds the list of websites that have enabled user access such as social networking sites that allow the storing of cookies. The advantage of the password manager is that it does not contain any virus. This is a major issue that most of the password management programs suffer from because they download spyware or other viruses to your PC.

Some people often ask about the cost of the Steganos Password Manager. You don’t need to pay any money for purchasing this program because it is completely free of cost. However, it is important to mention that the password database of this password manager is quite large and thus, it may take some time to search the required information. It would definitely pay to use the program if you are in a need of maintaining the security of your network. This is certainly more secure than storing the passwords on your own computer.

Steganos Password Manager is also available in portable format so that you can use it even if you want to use it on different types of Operating Systems. When looking for a password manager, make sure you find one that can backup your database and help you create a new secure password for every user. This will help increase your security and make you feel safe when online.