Ubuntu LTS – One Of The Most Popular Operating Systems Available

Ubuntu LTS – is a Linux distribution designed for desktop computers and netbooks. However, there are many other flavours of Ubuntu that are available for all devices and operating systems. The Ubuntu flavour of the distro can be further divided into three different variants – Ubuntu Core, Ubuntu Precise and Ubuntu RT (Ubuntu RT Alpha). Ubuntu has won many accolades over the years and is popular not only amongst PC users but also amongst mobile phone and tablet users. The popularity of Ubuntu has made it one of the most popular free operating systems available today.

Ubuntu LTS

Ubuntu LTS

What You Have to Get From Ubuntu LTS

So what should you look for when choosing a Ubuntu distribution? The first thing to consider is the user interface. All good distros have smooth and elegant interface. Even if you are used to the Windows interface, the feel of Ubuntu may be alien to you. This however, does not mean that other Linux distros are unattractive or difficult to work with.

Security measures are also important if you want to use Ubuntu on your computer. Most importantly, it is important to install updates regularly. Ubuntu is one of the few distributions that automatically updates itself. It is very easy to install these updates using the package manager. Manual updating requires some knowledge about the system and is not advised.

Another major feature you must consider while choosing Ubuntu LTS is the variety of features it provides. All good distros offer a wide range of features but Ubuntu has some extra features that you might find useful. One feature worth mentioning is the Unity integration. The Unity 7 user interface makes it easy to perform basic tasks like browsing the web, checking mails and viewing the desktop.

One feature of Ubuntu that is especially useful is the music player applet. With this application, you can easily play music from your own collection in your browser. You can also play audio files and take a picture with the provided camera icon. These applications make Ubuntu very attractive for music enthusiasts. If you do not want to use media player, you can always use the excellent opera-emulator available in Ubuntu LTS.

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Ubuntu LTS also provides an amazing control panel which is extremely popular among users. Most popular distros like Fedora, Opensuse and Mandriva come with their own control panel. However, the Ubuntu panel is the best out of all of them. You can use it to perform tasks like controlling your email, setting up printers and connecting to the Internet. The control panel also integrates with most of the popular server applications such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, and Python.

The Ubuntu distribution is probably the most popular free Linux distro in the world. It is based on Debian which is an open source project. Ubuntu has several derivatives including Ubuntu squeeze, Ubuntu Core and Ubuntu flavours. Ubuntu is the most popular free operating system for desktops.

As you can see, there are several reasons why Ubuntu LTS is such a popular distribution. You will not run into any problems with this operating system. In fact, this will be an easy Linux distro to install and use. I think you will find it very easy to adapt to this operating system.

Unlike other popular distros, Ubuntu does not use Microsoft Windows software. This gives the users the freedom to choose which hardware they want to use. Other major operating systems such as Windows will usually force you to use Windows drivers or programs.

Compared to other Linux distros, Ubuntu LTS has a lot more to offer. This distribution comes with hundreds of thousands of free games. There are tons of media and software that you can download for free. If you are planning on using Adobe Photoshop, you cannot find a better resource for learning the program. Ubuntu is also the fastest Linux distro available today.

This is my favorite Linux operating system. I love the ease in which it installs, and the way it works. All the other distros have become too complicated to be used by just about anyone. Ubuntu beats all of them hands down and is always going to be my favorite.