YouTube Music – Which is better Spotify or YouTube music?

YouTube Music – is a free music video streaming service launched by YouTube, a large subsidiary of Google. It offers a highly customized interface for the service minded towards online music viewing, enabling users to search through music videos and songs on YouTube according to various categories, playlists, and user-created metadata. Unlike other similar services, YouTube Music does not require any additional subscription or membership in order to enjoy the service, although it does have paid membership options for those interested.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music

What You Have to Get From YouTube Music

For those who are looking for YouTube Music, the first step is to create an account, which is free. After creating an account, you will be given access to the YouTube Music interface, where you can search and view videos. At the top of the interface, you will see two tabs, the “Inbox” tab and the “Subscription Service.”

Under the subscription service tab, you can select any number of subscription services such as Google Play, TuneCore, iLove All People, Yahoo Music, Rhapsody, Deezer, and numerous others. Each service has its own free song list, and each of these can be used in combination with one another to customize your listening experience.

In addition to YouTube music videos, YouTube also offers the YouTube Music app, which provide access to a large database of music videos, as well as lyrics, audio from the original recording, as well as video tutorials. The YouTube Music app is accessible from the Android Market app, through which any mobile device that can use the Internet can be accessed. From the YouTube Music app, you can search for any type of music, regardless of whether it’s for free or on sale.

The YouTube Music website, which serves as the central repository for YouTube music videos and information, can be browsed through using a web browser. As an added feature, the website allows users to add their comments to any YouTube music video, making it an ideal place to discuss any given song.

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The official YouTube app offers a way to sync your phone’s data with your YouTube account. To do so, download the YouTube Music app and enable the sync option within the app. When you’ve selected the songs that you want to synchronize to your phone’s data, just connect your phone to the computer via the USB cable and copy all the songs that you want to synchronize to your YouTube music library. Once the songs have been copied, transfer them to your PC using the web player found in the official YouTube application on your mobile device.

YouTube Music provides users with a fast way to organize and manage their daily listening needs by adding and removing downloaded or uploaded songs from their device’s data directory. If an individual wants to listen to a specific song, but doesn’t have the room to burn a CD or hold it in their pocket while listening, YouTube Music has provided the means to access music virtually anywhere.

The official YouTube application can be used as a web browser, which is always a convenient feature for someone who is addicted to their mobile device. For those who don’t like the mobile interface, YouTube Music can also be played directly in the web browser on a wide variety of mobile devices including smartphones, PDAs and computers.

When browsing through your YouTube music library, you may find that there are other, more interesting playlists that you can explore. When browsing through the playlists, you will notice that there are two different ways to navigate through the playlists.

There is a side bar called the Explore tab at the top-right corner of the YouTube Music application that displays the current song playing, upcoming playlists and the complete playlist. The second prominent tab is the Explore category button, which allows you to go to different playlists based on what the current category of songs you’re listening to is.